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Investor 3i

Civica is a leading IT outsourcing group that, thanks to investment from 3i, has expanded internationally and into new market segments. When 3i invested in 2008, Civica already had a strong position working with local councils, schools and housing associations. Private equity investment helped Civica to increase its reach internationally by expanding into markets including Australia and New Zealand, while bolstering its position in the core UK market through no fewer than ten acquisitions. 3i also provided finance and expertise to capitalise on the growth in cloud-based IT services across all Civica’s markets, as the outsourcing industry evolved. As a result, Civica doubled its international sales and increased staff numbers by over 45% in the space of five years. The business was sold in 2013.

With 3i as a partner, we have been able to strengthen the business as well as grow both in the UK and internationally.

Simon Downing CEO, Civica

What did the business need?

  • Capital to grow
  • Guidance on future company strategy
  • Support in executing acquisitions in the UK and internationally
  • Help to increase sales in key markets
  • Expertise and reach into new global markets

How did private equity backing create lasting value?

  • Backed the management team and supported its growth strategy, including the introduction of Mike Jeffries as Chairman
  • Helped acquire complementary businesses in the UK to enhance range of services
  • Expanded Civica internationally into Australia and New Zealand
  • Continued to innovate and deliver high-quality solutions during a period of unprecedented change in public sector spending
  • Rolled out cloud-based services in all markets and grew specialist outsourcing services

What outcomes did private equity investment achieve?

  • Doubled international sales from £30m to over £60m in five years
  • Sales grew from £127m to £230m over the same period
  • Increased staff numbers from 1,350 to over 2,000, some 60% of which were in the UK
  • Reached over 1m professionals in vital areas such as education and healthcare


increase in international sales to £60m


increase international sales to £60m

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