Maag Group

Country Germany
Region Bayern
Investor CGS, Clyde Blowers Capital

Maag Group was created in 2010 through the merger of Swiss pump manufacturer Maag and Automatik, a German manufacturer of polymer processing machinery. The backdrop for the deal, put in place by CGS and Clyde Blowers, was a sharp downturn in both companies’ business in 2009, brought on by the tough economic conditions.

Following the investment, private equity set about improving company performance by developing a new generation of machinery, redesigning existing machinery and optimising the production processes. The efforts resulted in a near-doubling of company profit margins and more than a 40% increase in sales, with the combined group attracting the attention of US-based manufacturing giant Dover Corporation, which bought Maag Group in 2012.

We have built a strong company through the years and we have greatly enjoyed our partnership with CGS Management and Clyde Blowers Capital.

Ueli Thuerig CEO , Maag Group

What did the business need?

  • Investment to become a global force in polymer processing equipment
  • Capital for new product development
  • Establishment of new worldwide production and service sites
  • Expansion of polymer and extrusion pumps business

How did private equity backing create lasting value?

  • Provided financial guidance and support for the businesses during the economic downturn
  • Established production and service sites in Brazil, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and the US
  • Integrated Automatik and Maag businesses
  • Implemented a new organisational structure and created global sales teams
  • Invested in developing new generation of more productive and energyefficient machinery

What outcomes did private equity investment achieve?

  • Increased core profits by 12% to 19%
  • Investing in equipment made Automatik German innovation leader and doubled registered patents
  • Established Maag as world leading maker of equipment and systems for global plastics processing machinery industry
  • Created 40 new jobs globally, including 15 in Germany
  • Increased sales from €84m in 2009 to €120m in 2012


new jobs created worldwide


new manufacturing and service sites

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