Country Ireland
Region Dublin
Investor Delta Partners, ADD, Atlantic Bridge

PolarLake is a global leader in applying Semantic Web and Big Data Technologies to the Data challenges of the leading Financial Services firms in the world. Delta Partners and other venture capital firms first invested in PolarLake in 2002.

Following a change in the customer market and reduced product demand, Delta Partners led a refocus of PolarLake in 2005. Throughout their ten year partnership, the venture capital firms supported PolarLake with funds, strategic advice and key introductions. In May 2012 PolarLake was acquired by Bloomberg.

Without Delta Partners’ ten years of support, PolarLake would not be the successful business it is today.

John Randles CEO, PolarLake

What did the business need?

  • Devise strategy for the long term success of PolarLake
  • Refocus business on sustainable product line in a profitable sector
  • Senior management restructure and refocus of board team
  • Introductions to the Key-Opinion-Leaders of the target markets

How did private equity backing create lasting value?

  • Led restructuring and refocus of PolarLake in 2005
  • Hired new CEO, chairman and senior management team
  • Financially supported PolarLake through the refocusing of the company
  • Provided key introductions for PolarLake in its refocused markets
  • Senior contributor to the acquisition negotiations

What outcomes did private equity investment achieve?

  • Compelling product offering that is unique in its market
  • Supplier to 15 of the world’s largest financial services firms
  • Acquired by Bloomberg in 2012 with a commitment to continue investing in the product and staff with significant expansion planned
  • Significant economic value and jobs created during the ten year partnership


3-year revenue CAGR


year partnership with VCs

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