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Vivalto Santé

Country France
Region Bretagne
Investor Omnes Capital

Vivalto Santé was a leading private clinic manager in Brittany when Omnes first invested in the business in 2009. At that time, Vivalto Santé had three treatment centres with 725 bed spaces for minor surgeries and short-stay hospital treatments, together generating €96m in revenues. Omnes’s finances and expertise have supported an ambitious expansion programme and today Vivalto Santé runs ten clinics across Brittany, Loire, Ile de France and Rhône-Alpes. As a result of the expansion, revenues had increased to €305m by 2014 and bed spaces had more than doubled. The company was acquired by an group of investors led by CDC International Capital in 2016.

Omnes capital was able to adapt to the original and complex configuration of successive build-ups that we wanted to implement.

DANIEL CAILLE Chairman, Vivalto Santé

What did the business need?

  • To improve operating margins
  • Capital to expand, particularly outside Brittany region
  • To offer a broader range of treatments in existing hospitals
  • Stronger management team for enlarged group

How did private equity backing create lasting value?

  • Provided finances to expand in Brittany and across France through the acquisition of existing clinics
  • Oversaw a programme of investment to improve existing facilities 
  • Extended range of treatments and services within existing clinics
  • Strengthened management with new CEO, CFO, new Heads of Operations and Medical Information, and Management Controller 
  • Rationalised cost structures to improve profitability within existing facilities 
  • Upgraded IT structure – fully implemented in late 2014

What outcomes did private equity investment achieve?

  • Increased the number of doctors to 749 in 2013 from 240 in 2008
  • More than tripled revenues to €305m in 2014 from €96m in 2008
  • Increased number of beds to 1,702 from 725
  • Created a national group with clinics in Paris region, Brittany, Loire and Rhône-Alpes.


increase in revenues to €305m


increase in beds to 1,702

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