Country UK
Region East of England
Investor Amadeus Capital Partners, Cambridge Enterprise

When Amadeus Capital Partners and Cambridge Enterprise invested in VocalIQ in 2014, the AI-driven dialogue management company had spun out from the University of Cambridge but needed investment to grow and realise its potential. Amadeus worked with the founders, building the company from just two staff to around 20 over the course of 15 months, providing operational and strategic support across all elements of the business, and worked closely with the management team to achieve a successful exit in September 2015.

We were able to work with the founders to attract world-class machine learning engineers to Cambridge and retain them in the UK after acquisition

Hermann Hauser Co-founder, Amadeus Capital Partners

What did the business need?

  • Equity funding to grow the business as no revenue to support debt funding
  • Requirement to grow the team beyond the initial founders and recruit machine learning experts
  • Expertise to guide the management team in exit negotiations

How did private equity backing create lasting value?

  • Venture capital brand name helped with recruitment
  • Encouraged the team to recruit ahead of plan to hire the machine learning talent available
  • Provided operational and strategic support to management team
  • Worked with management team to gain favourable terms from acquirer on sale of the business

What outcomes did private equity investment achieve?

  • Team grew from two at the time of Amadeus’s initial investment to around 20 at exit, approximately 15 months later
  • Team remained in Cambridge after acquisition and acquirer has grown its presence in Cambridge since investing
  • Two companies have been started by ex-employees of VocalIQ since the exit and received VC backing
  • The exit has added to the brand of Cambridge, helping to attract more people to the area and making Cambridge more prominent on the global tech scene


increase in employee numbers


invested in growth

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