Invest Europe platforms

The Platforms

Invest Europe is the voice of the private equity industry as a whole. However, within our membership, individual segments have specific requirements, reflected by our four Platform structure: Limited Partner, Venture Capital, Mid-Market and Large Buyout.

The responsibilities of each Platform include:

  • engaging with members to understand and respond to their specific needs
  • keeping members abreast on Invest Europe activities
  • developing and executing Platform strategy, action plans and budget
  • steering Roundtables and Working Groups, composed of industry practitioners

Limited Partners Platform

Limited partners provide private equity fund managers with capital to invest. These exclusively professional investors are typically part of large investment institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies, government agencies, charities and family offices and from across the globe. These institutions, and their underlying end - users, such as pensioners and endowment holders, are the key beneficiaries of private equity outperformance and diversification.

Limited Partners Platform Council

Invest Europe Vice - Chair

Anne Fossemalle, EBRD

Board Members

Elias Korosis, Hermes GPE LLP
Christina Pamberg, Alcyon Holding SA


Jean-Philippe Burcklen, European Investment Fund
Jesse de Klerk, Robeco Institutional Asset Management
Louis Flamand, Metlife Investments
David Hobson, GIC
Rune Jepsen, QIC
Merrick McKay, Aberdeen Standard Investments
Georgia Pappas, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Philipp Patschkowski, NB Alternatives Advisers LLC
Mauro Pfister, Capital Dynamics
Marc Roijakkers, Blue Sky Group
Robert Schlachter, LGT Capital Partners
Stephen Ziff, Coller Capital Ltd

Limited Partners Platform Groups

The Limited Partners Platform is supported by sub-groups which deal with specific industry sectors.

Single Family Office Roundtable (SFOR)

The Limited Partners Platform is currently supported by a sub-group which deals with a specific industry sector i.e. Single Family Office (SFO)

The SFO Roundtable represents the interests of the SFO community within Invest Europe. It works to increase SFO Invest Europe membership and provides tailored training courses. 


Christina Pamberg - Alcyon Holding SA


Venture Capital Platform

Venture capitalists invest in start-up companies, backing teams of high-potential entrepreneurs with funding, strategic and operational expertise to launch new products and grow their businesses. Venture capital backing spurs business expansion and internationalisation, which in turn offers a high-return potential to venture capital fund investors. Many multinational European companies such as Skype, Spotify and SoundCloud have benefitted from venture capital backing.

Venture Capital Platform Council

Invest Europe Vice - Chair

Ekatarina Smirnyagina, Capricorn Venture Partners 

Board members

Nenad Marovac, DN Capital (Invest Europe Past-Chair)
Jean Bourcereau, Ventech


Max Bautin, IQ Capital Partners GP Ltd
Dina Chaya, NeoMed Sàrl
Anna Daviau, Nauta Capital
Christian Ehrenborg, IKEA GreenTech AB
Hakan Goker, Merck Ventures
Christoph Jung, Holtzbrinck Ventures Adviser GmbH
Jari Mieskonen, Conor Venture Partners Oy
Pauline Roux, Elaia Partners
Karlheinz Schmelig, Creathor Ventures
Rainer Strohmenger, Wellington Partners
Ingrid Teigland Akay, Hadean Ventures
Annette Wilson, Finch Capital

Venture Capital Platform Groups

The Venture Capital Platform is supported by several sub-groups which deal with specific industry sectors.

Corporate Venture Capital Roundtable

The Corporate Venture Capital Roundtable gives a voice to the increasingly influential corporate venture capital community. Its membership includes leading companies who are active in Europe and it has strong ties with similar networks in other countries such as the US National Venture Capital Association’s Corporate Venture Capital Group.

Group Leader

Jan Westerhues - Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH


Mid-market Platform

The Mid-market Platform is our largest group by number of members, reflecting the sector’s important contribution to the economy. Mid-market investors specialise in investing in medium-sized European companies. These companies are typically family-owned businesses seeking a professional transition of ownership, or entrepreneurial management teams aiming to take their business to the next stage.

Mid-market Platform Council

Invest Europe Vice – Chair

Thierry Baudon, Mid Europa Partners LLP

Board Members

Dörte Höppner, Riverside Europe Partners
Henry Jackson, OpCapita LLP
Max Römer, Quadriga Capital


Rikkert Beerekamp, Avedon Capital Partners B.V.
Catherine Brossard, Cerberus Capital Management
Eric de Montgolfier, Gimv
Martin Kõdar, Baltcap AS
Robert Manz, Enterprise Investors
Juha Peltola, Vaaka Partners Ltd
Fabien Prévost, Omnes Capital
Michele Semenzato, Wise SGR
George Swirski, Abris Capital Partners
Frans Tieleman, Eurazeo
Nino Tronchetti Provera, Ambienta SGR S.p.A

Central and Eastern European Taskforce

This taskforce undertakes initiatives specifically aimed at the development and promotion of private equity and venture capital in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Among its accomplishments, special papers dedicated to annual statistics for 2005 to date.


Robert J. Manz - Enterprise Investors


Mirna Marovic - CVCA
Silke Horáková - CVCA
Kristiina Vassilkova - EstVCA
Ibolya Pintér - HVCA
Egita Polanska - LVCA
Barbara Nowakowska - PSIK
Irina Anghel - SEEPEA
Cristian Nacu - SEEPEA
Ivan Jakubek - SLOVCA
Olga Afanasyeva - UVCA
Inga Miliauskiene - LTVCA
Henry Potter - Alpha Associates 
William Watson - Value4Capital 


European Private Equity Roundtable (EPER) - Large Private Equity Platform

Large buyouts provide long-term investment that creates value, making bigger businesses more competitive and productive. Whether reinvigorating corporate “orphans” from conglomerates, transforming a success story into a global champion or helping established companies overcome new challenges, large buyouts bring a responsible and patient governance structure to their investment. The credit crunch has recently demonstrated large buyouts’ ability to deliver strong returns throughout economic cycles.

Invest Europe Vice - Chair

Rory Macmillan - The Carlyle Group

Board members

Vanessa Maydon - Cinven
Geoffrey Bailhache - Blackstone


Jonas Agesand - Warburg Pincus
Tom Allen - Advent International
Ludo Bammens - Kohlberg Kravis Robert & Co.
Christopher Crozier - Permira Advisers
Therése Lennehag - EQT Partners
Klas Tikkanen - Nordic Capital

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