Our members

Our members build better businesses through long-term investment in non-listed European companies. The returns from backing companies of all sizes, from SMEs to bigger businesses, benefit both companies and investors, which often include institutional investors who use the gains to pay for pensions and insurance claims.

Invest Europe has more than 600 member firms and 600 affiliate members. Our membership spans the whole industry and includes representatives from all stakeholder groups.

We represent members from early-stage venture capital right through to the largest private equity firms. Investors in private equity funds or limited partners, including pension funds, insurance companies, funds-of-funds and family offices, are also members. Membership equally encompasses stakeholders such as financial advisors, law firms, academic institutions and development organisations.

Understanding the differences and similarities between our members equips us to best represent their specific needs. The membership is organised into four Platforms - Limited Partner, Venture Capital, Mid-market and Large Buyout - to facilitate this understanding.

Before joining Invest Europe, members must agree to adhere to the Invest Europe Professional Standards Handbook, an annually updated publication, which brings together the principles of accountability, transparency and governance expected of our members. The Handbook also contains a code of conduct setting out the principles of ethical behaviour which members of Invest Europe should abide by.

Prospective members are always welcome. Find out more about the benefits of joining Invest Europe by contacting Steinar Liverud, Membership & Sponsorship Manager. 

Categories of Membership

Full members

Full membership is tailored to private equity firms, as well as investors in private equity funds and assets. Intermediary organisations such as fund of funds, secondary funds and banks are also welcome to apply for full membership.

Associate members

Associate membership is suitable for those with an interest in European private equity, such as financial advisors, academic institutions and non governmental organisations.

Network members

Network membership is open to private equity management companies or departments located in Europe, but are not an Invest Europe defined headquarter office (i.e. the headquarter office is the full member office).

Honorary members

Honorary membership is open to national private equity associations worldwide.  

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