Responsible Investment

Private equity managers and their investors act in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards towards portfolio companies, each other and other relevant parties. They expect their co-investors to act similarly. The Invest Europe Handbook of Professional Standards brings together the key elements of governance, transparency and accountability that our members commit to following.

The private equity industry contributes to bringing out the value creating potential of each portfolio company, with both the time and the resources necessary for sustainable growth. The consideration and management of ESG opportunities and risks in the investment process and the management of the firm itself are becoming more important to GPs and LPs alike to safeguard the long-term performance of investments. 

Private equity managers are active owners of portfolio companies. They work closely with the management of portfolio companies to translate the investment thesis into operational reality.

Institutional investors such as pension funds and insurers increasingly expect responsible investment from their private equity partners and ask that fund managers report clearly on ESG issues.

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