How to invest responsibly

A Guide to ESG Due Diligence for Private Equity GPs and their Portfolio Companies

Invest Europe is committed to supporting its members integrate responsible investing practices into their business and investment processes.

The new Invest Europe “How to Invest Responsibly - A Guide to ESG Due Diligence for Private Equity GPs and their Portfolio Companies” provides a summary of emerging good practices available to LPs, GPs and portfolio company management teams to support them identify and address material ESG risks and opportunities during the pre-investment and ownership phases.

What is inside?

  1. Pre-investment: best practices that a GP can emulate in its ESG screening and due diligence processes (Section 1)
  2. Post-transaction: steps a GP can take to incorporate ESG into its ownership practices and engagement with company management (Section 2)
  3. DDQ: a comprehensive list of ESG questions covering common themes across the ESG agenda (Section 3)

This members-only guide, prepared in cooperation with the Invest Europe Responsible Investment Roundtable, aims to serve as a useful tool for those members starting to implement an ESG policy and those aiming to improve their existing processes.

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