Core services

Political Advocacy

Invest Europe speaks on behalf of the European private equity in Brussels and plays a constructive part in developing the EU legislation that will shape the future of the industry. Working closely with national trade association, Invest Europe fosters positive dialogue between the private equity community, policymakers and regulators across the world.

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Industry Promotion

Invest Europe’s industry promotion activity builds global understanding and awareness of private equity through tailored events in Europe, international seminars and speaking engagements worldwide. In addition, we produce a wide range of other communications initiatives and publications aimed at building understanding of private equity.

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Data and Research

Invest Europe’s work is underpinned by the comprehensive data we collect on European private equity activity. Reliable performance data is key to the promotion of our industry with  institutional investors and in our communication with political and institutional communities. Members can use Invest Europe Library and Research Helpdesk, which provides industry data and information.

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Industry Networking

Invest Europe makes the most of its unique position as the world's largest private equity association by organising a comprehensive suite of conferences, networking events and training courses across Europe focused on delivering unparalleled industry insight, debate and networking opportunities for leading industry practitioners, academics and policymakers. Our conferences include the Investors’ Forum, CFO Forum and Venture Capital Forum as well as workshops on ICT, life sciences, buyouts and corporate venturing topics.

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Industry Excellence

Invest Europe is committed to nurturing industry excellence and developing the highest professional standards. All Invest Europe members must adhere to the principles laid down in the Invest Europe Handbook of Professional Standards, which sets out the basis for the industry’s views on and behaviour in relation to responsible investment, accountability, governance, and reporting and transparency. Members can keep pace with ever-evolving industry standards through Invest Europe Academy training courses, which cover areas such as valuation, fundraising and investor relations, and finance and administration.

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