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Invest Europe 2021 highlights


Message from the Chair

Th Anne Fossemalle

Anne Fossemalle, Chair, Invest Europe & Director, Equity Funds, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

2021 was a year of record-breaking activity for European private equity as the continent’s recovery from the effects of the pandemic accelerated. Our industry also made great strides in its commitment to crucial issues including ESG and climate change.

As 2022 advances, Europe faces new challenges. The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine brings military conflict to the continent once more, resulting in far-reaching human, societal and economic consequences. One thing remains unchanged, however, Europe will continue to need investment across the entire continent, and private equity will be required to support companies and communities through volatile and uncertain times, while helping fund pensions for European citizens.

The below Invest Europe’s 2021 Highlights provide a snapshot of the association’s actions and achievements last year. These actions are testament to the hard work of Eric de Montgolfier and the Invest Europe team, as well as the dedication and support of Invest Europe’s members. Thank you!

As the EU – and the UK – plot their future courses, long-term patient capital is being recognised as essential to investment, innovation and job creation. Political advocacy is succeeding in educating policymakers about the role of private equity in the economy and society, resulting in positive developments for EU regulation. Invest Europe is setting the record straight via imaginative communications and thought-provoking reports.

Actions speak louder than words. Invest Europe is not only explaining what the industry does, but also actively pushing the boundaries of private equity’s contribution to a strong and sustainable Europe. Our Climate Ambition statement defines the association’s – and the industry’s – path towards net zero; while harmonised ESG reporting standards and data gathering will set benchmarks for transparency for investors, and track performance on a range of issues that matter to them and to the broader society, from carbon emissions to diversity and inclusion. Tackling climate change will remain one of the greatest global challenges, and European private equity will play a leading role, thanks to its transformative power.

The invasion of Ukraine is a stark reminder that geopolitical tensions continue to shake our world. As the voice of private capital in Europe, Invest Europe will stand with all its members on the continent and beyond, representing their interests and ensuring their licence to operate.

In almost three decades at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, I have seen first-hand the power of private equity to transform companies – improving governance, investing in growth opportunities, fuelling innovation and creating jobs – generating returns for long-term investors. In doing so, private equity helps drive economic growth, competitiveness, and development. It is a powerful force and one that has a central role to play in Europe’s future.

Highlights 2021 Image

Highlights 2021

15 Mar 2022
Invest Europe

A summary document of Invest Europe 2021 highlights and achievements across Public Affairs, Industry Data & Research, Communications, Member Events & Training, Industry Standards, Governance & Finance.

Full Highlights PDF 1.73 MB

2021 Highlights video

2021 was a year of record-breaking activity for European private equity as the continent’s recovery from the effects of the pandemic accelerated. Invest Europe has in turn grown in order to better support, inform and facilitate networking amongst its members.

Invest Europe’s 2021 Highlights provide a snapshot of the association’s actions and achievements last year.

Watch our video summary of 2021 >

Our members

Highlights 2021 GP Members Graphic
Highlights 2021 LP Members Graphic
Highlights 2021 AM Members Graphic
Th Highlights 2021 Public Affairs

Public Affairs

  • Successfully secured a targeted revision of AIFMD that is not problematic for the private equity industry
  • Obtained a significant alleviation of the conditions governing the use of the voluntary fund label ELTIF, allowing fund managers to market cross-border to retail clients
  • Ensured that private equity and venture capital are no longer treated differently from other equities in the banking prudential rules
  • Positively influenced regulatory discussions on the revision of Solvency II, creating the conditions for insurers investing in private equity to be subject to a lower capital charge
  • Engaged regularly with EU institutions and members to clarify and manage uncertainties created by new sustainability-related rules
Public Affairs PDF 234.67 KB

policy and regulatory workstreams covered


consultation responses and letters drafted and shared with EU policymakers


Member Policy Calls attracting +800 members

Th Highlights 2021 Industry Data And Research

Industry Data & Research

  • Launch of the “Positioned for the Challenge: Capital Under Management & Dry Powder” report, a ground-breaking analysis demonstrating the clear expansion of the industry
  • Release of the transaction value analysis report, giving a new perspective on our investment data since 2010
  • Two successful collaborations with the EIF on their VC survey and on the VC factor pandemic edition
  • The second edition of our mid-market and large buyout market sentiment survey with Arthur D. Little, measuring the pulse of the industry by combining the views of GPs and LPs
  • A new edition of the essential report underlining the industry’s key role in employment and job creation: Private Equity at Work
  • Publication of our Performance benchmark report demonstrating the outperformance of European private equity relative to public markets using the mPME methodology from Cambridge Associates
Industry Data & Research PDF 259.51 KB

Research publications

Invest Europe is the most authoritative source of reliable data on the European private equity and venture capital ecosystem.

Research publications

European venture capital and private equity firms covered in the 2020 activity report


of the €754bn in capital under management in Europe tracked



Th Highlights 2021 Communications


  • Expanded Invest Europe’s communication strategy by developing relevant content in close collaboration with members to reinforce our message on the industry’s social and economic contribution, boosting our digital communications and online presence to record levels:
    • 2021 has been an excellent year for social media, seeing a phenomenal increase in engagement compared to 2020
    • Our top-performing campaigns (Venture Capital Forum, VC Factor report, and the BBC film series) ranked above the average social media engagement rate across all industries
  • Consistently delivered daily, weekly and ad-hoc member communications, offering crucial and timely information to members
  • Worked across Invest Europe to produce essential publications, increasing awareness and understanding of private capital’s value to Europe’s economy
Communications PDF 385.53 KB

increase in website visits (+150,000)


increase in Twitter engagement


increase in LinkedIn engagement

A Different Angle: Funding people, with purpose

‘A Different Angle’ is an online film series exploring the role of private equity and venture capital in European society. This unique film series, presented by Invest Europe, the world’s largest association of private capital providers, and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, brings to screen the human stories at the heart of the businesses that are driving change and fuelling growth through private capital.

Th Highlights 2021 Membership Events And Training

Member events & Training

  • Event formats adapted to changing pandemic environment: The 2021 Investors’ Forum, Single Family Office Day and CFO Forum attracted attendees from across Europe and further afield
  • Continued delivery of top level content and speakers, including Michel Barnier at the Investor’s Forum, in his role as Special Advisor to the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, and Cedric O, French Minister for Digital Economy, at the Venture Capital Forum
  • Return to in-person networking by Q3 2021 with the 2021 VCF held in October (hybrid format) and two very successful Chair’s dinners in Warsaw and Luxembourg, September and November

virtual conferences


in-person networking events




Our practitioner-led training offers opportunities for professional development for all industry participants, from new entrants to seasoned veterans, wherever they are located. – Expansion of Live Online Classroom Training – Launch of On-demand E-learning Hub with the addition of new courses

Find out more
Th Highlights 2021 Industry Standards

Industry Standards

  • Finalisation of the general review and restructuring of the Invest Europe Professional Standards Handbook (official launch scheduled in the week commencing 14 March 2022)
  • Kick-off of and massive progress made on Invest Europe’s new Diversity programme/work-stream, looking at the association’s own governance structure and the possible support for/endorsement of external, third-party initiatives
  • Publication of key tools and guides to help members deal with new rules in relation to sustainability disclosures
  • Publication of the Invest Europe Climate Change Guide series
  • Publication of the Invest Europe Climate Ambition Statement, setting out a commitment for the industry and one for Invest Europe as an association. The focus will be on 5 core areas: Public Policy, Stakeholder Engagement, Education, Industry Practices, and Leading by Example.
Industry Standards PDF 457.16 KB

member blogs on Climate Change


webinars and Member Policy Calls focusing on ESG and sustainability attracting more than:



New Office Video Thumbnail

Invest Europe office – video (01:45)

Governance & Finance

  • In 2021, the Invest Europe team was reinforced by 3 new positions (6 new hires, 3 of which replacements)
  • In March 2021, Invest Europe moved to a new office optimising resources and promoting wellbeing at work. You can now find us at Brussels on Avenue Louise 81
  • Since 2021, an increasing number of Invest Europe publications and projects is supported by partnerships and/or sponsorships
Governance & Finance PDF 265.97 KB

full-time employees





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