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Transforming a business into global market leader

EmmaBy Emma Thorpe on 30 October 2012
Transforming a business into global market leader

Private equity investment can transform businesses, turning them into vibrant, successful market leaders that not only create profits but also jobs, innovative products and growth.

A fantastic example of this is the case of Dutch company Provimi, whose story is told in this new video

Provimi was a decentralised and unfocused group of diverse animal feed businesses in need of a new vision and new strategy.

Help arrived when the Permira funds acquired Provimi in April 2007 and gave the firm a much needed overhaul – refocusing it as an animal nutrition specialist.

By 2011, Provimi had become a global market leader employing more than 7,000 workers in over 26 countries. A new leadership team had successfully reshaped the organisation – moving from over 40 profit centres to a handful of focused geographic divisions and divesting non core divisions in pet food and fish feed.

A new strategy focused on emerging markets had proved highly successful and Provimi could boast an enviable track record of consistent growth and excellent financial results.

It also developed a revolutionary feed that reduces cattle methane emissions and helps fight climate change.

The partnership between the Permira funds and Provimi came to a happy end in November 2011. Provimi was sold to Cargill, an international producer and market of agricultural food, products and services.

Consumers, the two firms, and investors all profited from the involvement of private equity in Provimi – as did the thousands of workers across the world employed by the company.

Check out the video, produced by Aluminium Pictures, and see how they did it.




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