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Time for investors to look again at European VC

DoerteBy Dörte Höppner on 18 April 2013
Time for investors to look again at European VC

Smart Choice: the case for investing in European venture capital tells the compelling story of how European venture capital has evolved to become an unmissable opportunity for investors.

Headlines may still holler about the Eurozone but the fact is Europe’s start-ups, and the infrastructure supporting them, have never been stronger.

There is a combination of highly motivated world-class entrepreneurs and experienced venture capital fund managers with the right skills to commercialise innovation on a global scale.

The European venture capital ecosystem has come of age, becoming a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity. Valuations are currently low, which makes it an ideal time to invest.

Europe is home to hundreds of innovative companies such as SoundCloud and Spotify. The clustering around innovation hubs, such as Berlin, London and Stockholm, is revolutionising start up success.

There is also some serious value creation going on even though regulation of banks and other institutions has affected funding. European success stories like music-recognition app Shazam and Rovio, the programmers of Angry Birds, illustrate the point.

Europe’s venture capital firms are still creating global companies like Skype and scoring notable successes in a tough market.

The only missing ingredient for a European innovation explosion is enough private capital to get things really moving.

Smart Choice: the case for investing in European venture capital tells this story of huge, untapped potential.

The report is part of Invest Europe’s ongoing work in supporting Europe as an investment destination and in in championing the cause of European venture capital.

In the innovative spirit of European venture, it uses new technology specifically developed for the digital report. 

The time is right for investors to take another look at European venture capital – so check out Smart Choice.




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