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The Power of Research

Anne GloverBy Anne Glover on 16 June 2014
The Power of Research

Everybody in private equity knows the power of good research. In-depth analysis of companies and their prospects can inform better investments, which in turn create better results. Research is also a fundamental part of the EVCA’s work

In May, we produced the annual European Private Equity Activity Report, which pooled data on private equity fundraising, investments, company sales and stock market flotations to create the most detailed report on the state of the private equity market in Europe. It is one of many regular studies that inform policymakers, global bodies like the World Economic Forum, investors, commentators and the general public about what private equity delivers.

I see an opportunity for Invest Europe to do even more with research. We need to go beyond the measurement of our own industry to measure its impact on economies, growth, innovation, people and prosperity. Last year Invest Europe launched a major study on private equity's impact on European growth. We need to build on that initiative and demonstrate the benefits that long-term investment can deliver to Europe's citizens.

One action we have under way is the European Data Cooperative, which pools the knowledge of all of Europe’s national private equity associations. Work on the pan-European database started in May and, when complete, it will be the most comprehensive source of information on the industry. With figures on investment activity and performance, it will be an essential tool that not only validates private equity’s financial credentials but also displays its benefits at a human level.

Additionally, Invest Europe is currently collecting some 200 case studies of private equity investments that showcase the industry's record in creating jobs and prosperity across Europe. They will form part of our active communication effort to underline private equity’s contribution to European industry.

These kind of insights are all the more important as new MEPs take their seats in parliament and new European Commissioners are appointed this year. Research is the rock on which private equity investments and future policies will be made, and my Chairmanship will focus on delivering it.




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