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Turning investor appetite into capital for growth

VCF speaker LoweryBy Stephen Lowery on 24 October 2014
Turning investor appetite into capital for growth

Investors are seeking opportunities with the momentum and strategy to cut through any economic uncertainty. Companies in Europe are delivering and the demand is there to do more. Successfully bridging this gap will help create the future leaders.

It is a fantastic time to be in the venture capital industry in Europe. Dynamism and entrepreneurial talent are at an all-time high. Industries are being transformed as they embrace technology. And the companies that are the drivers of growth and employment in Europe are really stepping up. There will be a lot to say about the role for start-ups and high-growth businesses at the Invest Europe Venture Capital Forum in Berlin next month.

The European venture capital industry has developed through the tough years of the financial crisis. Proving out a business is more time and resource efficient than ever before and entrepreneurs and their investors have learned to focus and adapt quickly to deliver success. New sources of capital have emerged to support this and to take the businesses to the point where they are ready to scale.

Growth capital is there to support the best teams and opportunities. Yet this remains a competitive environment, and venture capital firms and company CEOs need to be excellent at raising money as well as investing it. That means the ability to identify the right kinds of investors, display great communication and strong execution.

There are exits to talk about and more are on the horizon to bolster investor confidence. Join us at the Invest Europe Venture Capital Forum in Berlin in November to discuss how to sustain investor confidence and turn it into capital for growth.

Stephen Lowery, Partner, Frog Capital




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