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Committees and Groups

Tax, Legal & Regulatory Committee

Invest Europe’s Tax, Legal and Regulatory Committee deals with tax, legal and regulatory matters affecting European private equity and combines the legal expertise of Invest Europe and its national association members.

Cooperating closely with the national associations, the committee provides information, expert evidence and advice to Invest Europe and its members. It advises Invest Europe’s wider public and regulatory affairs activities by supporting the Public Affairs Executive.

The committee is appointed by and reports to Invest Europe Board. Each of the four Invest Europe platforms has a representative on the committee. The regional/national representatives are nominated by their respective national associations.

Committee members

Committee Leaders


Phil Bartram - Travers Smith LLP


Gilles Dusemon - Arendt & Medernach (Luxembourg)

Platform Representatives

LP Platform                      
Hugo Lauque - Ardian

VC Platform                      
Benedikt Sudbrock - Acton Capital

MM Platform
Lionel Bergeron - Siparex

LBO Platform                    
Jay Modrall - Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Infrastructure (Guest)
Ashkan Karimi - Antin Infrastructure Partners

Regional Representatives

Austria and Germany
Patricia Volhard - Debevoise & Plimpton LLP (Legal/Regulatory)
Christian Schatz - Flick Gocke Schaumburg (Tax)

Bernard Peeters - Tiberghien 

Nordic Region      
Jakob Mosegaard Larsen - Mazanti-Andersen Korsø Jensen
Carl Johan Zimdahl - Mannheimer Swartling 
Jyrki Tähtinen - Borenius Attorneys Ltd 

CEE Region
Ewa Grzejszczyk - Deloitte Doradztwo Podatkowe Sp. z o. o.

Philippe Trolez – Omnes Capital (Regulatory)
Edouard Chapellier - Linklaters (Tax)

Fabio Brunelli - Di Tanno e Associati

The Netherlands                
Marco de Lignie - Loyens & Loeff

Ana Sofia Batista - Abreu Advogados

Isabel Rodríguez - King & Wood Mallesons

Felix Haldner - Partners Group

The United Kingdom           
Ed Hall - Goodwin Procter (Legal)
Tim Hughes - PwC (Tax)

The United States of America
Robin Painter - Proskauer


Working Groups led by the Tax, Legal & Regulatory Committee

The Tax, Legal and Regulatory Committee is supported by several working groups set up to bundle the expertise of Invest Europe’s membership on specific market sectors or topics.

Financial Services/Regulatory Working Group

The Financial Services/Regulatory Working Group (formerly AIFMD Technical Group) is the key working group supporting Invest Europe in its lobbying work and activities around the AIFMD and EuVECA. Since the start of the AIFMD legislative process in 2008, the group has provided (legal) advice, guidance and expertise on AIFMD-related issues, aimed not only at European and national policymakers but also at Invest Europe members. More recently, the Technical Group has also been involved in Invest Europe’s work on the European Venture Capital Fund Regulation (EuVECA).

The Group holds a bi-weekly call on Friday afternoon. Recent publications include the AIFMD Essentials and the AIFMD Third Country paper.


Patricia Volhard, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP


Phil Bartram, Travers Smith LLP
David Bailey, Augentius
Geoffrey Bailhache, The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP
Ann Baker, Gide
Gregg Beechey, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson (London) LLP
Stephanie Biggs, Travers Smith LLP
Andrew Brizell, Asante Capital Group
Chris Bulger, Goldman Sachs Asset Management International
Lisa Cawley, Kirkland & Ellis International LLP
Molly Diggins, Monument Group
Nick du Cros, HarbourVest Partners (U.K.) Limited
Gilles Dusemon, Arendt & Medernach
Sally Gibson, Debevoise & Plimpton
Christopher Good, Macfarlanes LLP
Ed Hall, Goodwin Procter
Paulus Hidén, Borenius Attorneys Ltd
Tim Lewis, Travers Smith LLP
Tamasin Little, Reed Smith
Manuel Lorenz, Baker & McKenzie
Owen Lysak, Clifford Chance
James Modrall, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
Fionnuala Oomen, Clifford Chance
John Verwey, Proskauer
Simon Witney, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
John Young, Ropes and Gray


International Tax and Tax Reporting Group

This Working Group has been set up to monitor and advise on Tax developments. More recently, the negotiations on OECD BEPS have been at the forefront of the agenda.


Geoffrey Bailhache, Blackstone Group
Mark Baldwin, Macfarlanes
Ludo Bammens, KKR
Raphaël Béra, Reed Smith
Fabio Brunelli, Di Tanno e Associati
Peter Bujotzek, P+P
Emidio Cacciapuoti, McDermott, Will & Emery
Edouard Chapellier, Linklaters
Laura Charkin, Goodwin
Emily Clark, Travers Smith
Brenda Coleman, Ropes & Gray
Marco de Lignie, Loyens & Loeff
Tim Hughes, PwC
Michel Klingler, Partners group
Roderick MacMillan, Carlyle Group
Jaime Martinez-Iniguez, Baker & McKenzie
Luc Meeus, Baker & McKenzie
Patrick Mischo, Allen & Overy
Chaim Miller, Blackstone Group
James Modrall, Norton Rose Fulbright
Silvain Niekel, EY
Martin Nilsson, Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyra AB
Daniel Noe Harboe, PwC
Bernard Peeters, Tiberghien
Jamiel Poindexter, Proskauer
Giovanna Perkins, Blackstone Group
Matt Saronson, Debevoise
Christian Schatz, Flick Gocke Schaumburg (Tax)
Alexander Secker, Loyens and Loeff
Shannon Stafford, Carlyle Group
Dominic Stuttaford, Norton Rose Fulbright
Dany Teillant, Deloitte
Klas Tikkanen, Nordic capital
Bert van der Poel, Loyens and Loeff
Sylvie Vansteenkiste, Reed Smith
Heikki Wahlroos, Borenius
Richard Ward, Debevoise


Insolvency Working Group

The focus of this Working Group is on European legislation dealing with Insolvency and Business Failure.


Katharina Gerdes, P+P Pöllath + Partners
Francisco Patricio, Abreu Advogados
Gabrielle Ruiz, Clifford Chance
Edward Smith, Travers Smith LLP
James Stonebridge, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
Jyrki Tähtinen, Attorneys at law Borenius Ltd


Anti-Trust and Competition Working Group

This Working Group advises and supports Invest Europe in its work around Anti-Trust issues and Merger Regulation.


James Modrall, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP


Phil Bartram, Travers Smith LLP
Gitte Bedford, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH
Christophe Humpe, Macfarlanes
Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch, Arendt & Medernach
Inês Sequeira Mendes, Abreu Advogados
Daniel Wiedmann, P+P Pöllath and Partners


Investor Regulation Working Group

The main goal of this Working Group is to assist Invest Europe in its Political Advocacy work on Investor Regulation related issues.


Felix Haldner, Partners Group AG


Aatif Ahmad, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Phil Bartram, Travers Smith LLP
Heiko Bensch, Talanx Asset Management GmbH
Gillian Brown, Rubato Associates
Jürg Burkhard, LGT Capital Partners Ltd
Christian Diller, Montana Capital Partners
Mark Drugan, Capital Dynamics Ltd
Jin-Hyuk Jang, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Yves Lacroix, Arendt & Medernach
Tarek Mardini, P+P Pöllath + Partners
James Modrall, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
Michael Wehrle, Partners Group AG
Patricia Volhard, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Peter Wand, Baker & McKenzie
Paloma Ybarra Miranda, Altamar Capital Partners
Xavier Zaegel, Deloitte S.A.


Working Group on Long-Term Investment

This Working Group has been set up to support Invest Europe in its work around the European Commission’s European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF) proposal. At a later stage the focus of this group might be extended to cover other long-term investment topics.


Gregg Beechey, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson (London) LLP
Simon Currie, Covington
Nick du Cros, HarbourVest Partners (U.K.) Limited
Patrizia Gioiosa, Di Tanno e Associati
Felix Haldner, Partners Group (+ Andrew Davis, Partners Group)
Victorien Hémery, Arendt & Medernach
James Modrall, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
Christian Schatz, Flick Gocke Schaumburg


Public Affairs Executive

Invest Europe Public Affairs Executive (PAE) is the leading decision-maker on issues affecting European private equity. Invest Europe Chair leads the PAE, which has seats for the Limited Partner, Venture Capital, Mid-Market and Large Buyout Platforms, as well as Invest Europe's Chief Executive Officer.

The German, the UK and French national associations, the three largest in Europe, have a seat each. A rotating seat is reserved for the association of the country holding the six-monthly EU Presidency. The Chair of Tax, Legal and Regulatory Working Group is also a member of the PAE. The PAE regularly exchanges information with the Representative Group, which consists of all Europe's national associations.

Other Invest Europe members are invited to be part of the PAE as guests. These include Invest Europe's former Chair and Chair-Elect and the Chairman of the Financial Services and Regulatory Working Group.


Nenad Marovac - DN Capital - Invest Europe Chair


Anne Glover - Amadeus Capital Partners - representing Invest Europe VC Platform

Caroline Crowley - OpCapita LLP - representing Invest Europe Mid-Market Platform

Roderick Macmillan - Carlyle - representing Invest Europe Large Buyout Platform

Sebastian Ippisch, Allianz Capital Partners GmbH – representing Invest Europe Limited Partner Platform

Michael Collins - representing Invest Europe

Tim Hames - representing the BVCA (British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)

Ulrike Hinrichs - representing the BVK (German Private Equity and Venture Capital

Paul Perpère - representing AFIC (Association Francaise des Investisseurs en Capital)

Phil Bartram - Travers Smith LLP - representing the Invest Europe Tax, Legal & Regulatory Committee (TLRC)


Marta Jankovic - APG Asset Management - Invest Europe Immediate Past Chair

Thierry Baudon - Mid Europa Partners LLP - Invest Europe Immediate Future Chair

Patricia Volhard - Debevoise & Plimpton LLP - representing the Financial Services and Regulatory Working Group

Representative Group

The Representative Group consists of members of all of Europe’s national trade associations. It discusses industry issues at both national and European level.   


Nenad Marovac - Current Invest Europe Chair


Pierre Demaerel - BVA (Belgian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association)

Evgeny Angelov – BVCA (Bulgarian Venture Capital Association)

Irina Anghel - SEEPEA (South Eastern Europe's Private Equity Association)

José Zudaire - ASCRI (Asociación Española De Entidades De Capital-Riesgo)

Sarah Jane Larkin - IVCA (Irish Venture Capital Association)

Paulo Caetano - APCRI (Associação Portuguesa de Capital de Risco)

Isabella de Feudis - SVCA (Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association)

Anna Gervasoni - AIFI (Italian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) 

Ivan Jakubek - SLOVCA (Slovak Venture Capital Association)

Tim Hames - BVCA (British Venture Capital Association)

Ulrike Hinrichs- BVK (German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)
Zuzana Pickova - CVCA (Czech Venture Capital Association)

Paul Junck - LPEA (Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) 

Anita Matisone - LVCA (Latvian Venture Capital Association)

Rudolf Kinsky - AVCO (Austrian Private Equity and Venture Capital Organisation)

Mirna Marovic - CVCA (Croatian Venture Capital Association)

Tjarda Molenaar - NVP (Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen)

Barbara Nowakowska - PSIK (Polish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)

Henriette Kinnunen - DVCA (Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association)

Maurice Pedergnana - SECA (Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association)

Paul Perpère - AFIC (Association Française des Investisseurs en Capital)

Pia Santavirta- FVCA (Finnish Venture Capital Association)

Dovydas Varkulevicius - LT VCA (Lithuanian Venture Capital Association)

Ibolya Pinter - HVCA (Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association)
Rikke Eckhoff Høvding - NVCA (Norwegian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association) 

Kristiina Vassilkova - EstVCA (Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)
Michael Collins - Invest Europe (Invest Europe)

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