Implications for PE of the UK leaving the EU

On 31st October 2019, the UK is set to leave the European Union. The decision will have potentially far-reaching consequences for trade relations between the EU and the UK, and thus, implications for private equity, venture capital and infrastructure funds.

At Invest Europe, we monitor negotiations between the EU and the UK and analyse the possible repercussions on marketing funds, raising capital and operating across Europe.

Our aim is to provide technical, legal and political insight of the ramifications of Brexit as well as practical advice on pertinent issues, including fund location, access to investor capital, and recruitment and retention of international talent.

To that end, we are creating a wide range of resources to enable fund managers to make informed and timely choices on making preparations. As talks between the EU and UK advance, we will continue to update these resources regularly and investigate ways to extend the practical support we offer to members.

No-deal Brexit - Member Guide on National Transitional Reliefs

Invest Europe's exclusive member-only guide includes a pan-European overview of the national transitional reliefs for AIFMs and MiFID firms that EU Member States have put in place in anticipation of a no-deal Brexit.

In particular, the guide looks more closely at those national provisions affecting members’ ability to continue to rely on (i) the AIFMD management passport, (ii) the AIFMD marketing passport, and (iii) the MiFID investment services passport.

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Brexit Q&A

13 February 2019, Invest Europe

A Q&A document on the implications of the UK leaving the EU for private equity.

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Letter on Brexit transition period

12 March 2018, Invest Europe-PAE

This letter stresses the importance for the private equity industry of transitional arrangements between the United Kingdom and the European Union after March 2019. It calls for a transition period that would guarantee the continuity of investment into the EU economy, avoid any cliff edge and allow the industry to adapt properly to new long-term arrangements.

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Public Affairs Overview

29 April 2019, Invest Europe

A detailed briefing for Invest Europe members on regulation affecting the private equity industry.

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Preparing for Brexit: Fund Structuring Webinars

With the UK's exit from the European Union scheduled in March 2019, many private equity managers are having to consider fund structures commonly used in the EU 27 member states.

Invest Europe hosted a series of webinars focused on the typical structures used in various EU jurisdictions to help members understand the different options that are available.

Brexit Webinar Series 1: Fund structures in France and Luxembourg 
21 September 2017

To access the material (recording & slides) of this webinar, please enter your member log-in here.

Brexit Webinar Series 2: Fund structures in Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland
19 October 2017

To access the material (recording & slides) of this webinar, please enter your member log-in here.

Please note the Brexit Webinar Series are available only to Invest Europe members.

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Member Policy Calls

The monthly Members’ Policy Call explores the latest EU policy developments and are a chance for members to discuss them directly with the Public Affairs team. Three editions of the call (July 2016, January 2017 and December 2018) were exclusively focused on Brexit. 

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Opinion & Blogs

Invest Europe thought-leaders shaping the discussion on Brexit.

Leaving the Single Market: What Brexit could mean for private equity

By Michael Collins on 28 February 2017

How can private equity prepare for the challenges of populism?

By Michael Collins on 21 February 2017

Maintaining a strong voice in Europe

By Gerry Murphy on 24 October 2016

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