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Charting the Course: How Mainstream Investors can Design Visionary and Pragmatic Impact Investing Strategies

Author: World Economic Forum
Date: September 2014

While impact investing has entered the mainstream mindset, it has not become part of the strategy, operations and business culture of mainstream investment institutions. For most investors, impact investing still needs to be translated from a compelling concept into sound strategies. This report seeks to address this need by helping investors craft their impact investing strategy.

Each investor’s motivations, operational context and goals for impact investing are unique. There is therefore no standard template that suits all. Rather than prescribing one particular approach, the report offers several navigational aids and waypoints to help investors and investment institutions establish whether impact investing fits their investment principles, future growth plans and strategic constraints. It also provides frameworks that will allow investors to ensure their impact investment strategy is visionary, practical and competitive in the long run.

Geography: Global

Type of study: Consulting research, International organisation

Relevant for: All

Source: World Economic Forum Report

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