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Enhancing Europe’s Competitiveness Fostering Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship in Europe

Author: World Economics Forum
Date: June 2014

Faced with strong global competition and high labour costs, Europe needs to reinvent itself. It will be able to generate sustainable and significant growth only through a relentless focus on a knowledge economy and on enhancing the environment for high value-added innovation-driven entrepreneurship. This intermediate report, produced as part of the World Economic Forum’s project Fostering Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship in Europe, draws on contributions from a wide range of stakeholders, including the Forum’s Europe, Investors, New Champions and Competitiveness communities and the Network of Global Agenda Councils. The report presents draft analysis and a high-level agenda designed to contribute to Europe’s future competitiveness and growth by encouraging new, innovation-driven ventures to be envisaged, created and scaled. It concludes with a proposed European agenda for supporting entrepreneurship, which emphasises the need to focus on key criteria for success, connect diverse stakeholders and inspire new public-private-civic partnerships across the region.

Geography: Europe, USA

Type of study: International organisation

Relevant for: GP Venture capital, Limited Partner, Fund of funds, Associate

Source: World Economic Forum

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