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Euro area bank lending survey - European Central Bank (ECB)

Author: European Central Bank (ECB)
Date: June 2014

The Eurosystem has developed a survey of bank lending in the euro area. The main objective of the survey is to enhance the Eurosystem's knowledge of financing conditions in the euro area and hence to help the Governing Council of the ECB to assess monetary and economic developments as an input into monetary policy decisions. It is designed to complement existing statistics on retail bank interest rates and credit with information on supply and demand conditions in the euro area credit markets and the lending policies of euro area banks. The survey addresses issues such as credit standards for approving loans as well as credit terms and conditions applied to enterprises and households. It also asks for an assessment of the conditions affecting credit demand.

The survey is addressed to senior loan officers of a representative sample of euro area banks and will be conducted four times a year. The sample group participating in the survey comprises around 90 banks from all euro area countries and takes into account the characteristics of their respective national banking structures

The results are reported from the perspective of the specific month in which the bank lending survey was conducted, i.e. January, April, July or October.

Geography: Eurozone

Type of study: Government, International organisation

Relevant for: LP, GP All, Fund of funds, Associate

Source: European Central Bank (ECB)

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