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Private Equity and Venture Capital

Author: Gervasoni, A.
Date: April 2014

After the financial crisis, private equity and venture capital firms have been operating in an increasingly uncertain environment, with economic fragility and market volatility making investment sluggish. The industry faces difficult questions from regulators and legislators who are scrutinizing regulatory, compliance, and tax issues. The days of self-regulation are a thing of the past.

Editor Anna Gervasoni, General Manager of the AIFI since 1986, has assembled a team of contributors working at the very heart of the industry to collectively track the evolution of the private equity and venture capital industry.

Invest Europe contributions:

Dörte Höppner – Chief Executive: Foreword
Dr Cornelius Mueller - Head of Research: 3. Industry Statistics: European Market Trends and Characteristics

Geography: Europe

Type of study: Association, Consulting research

Relevant for: LP, GP All, Fund of funds, Associate

Source: Risk books

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