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The Bold Ones – High-impact Entrepreneurs Who Transform Industries

Author: World Economic Forum
Date: September 2014

High-impact entrepreneurs stand out on almost all aspects: they grow faster, create more jobs, contribute more to society and transform industries to a greater extent than their peers. This gives them outsized importance for the economy and society – and critical mass for policy makers to consider them as a special class. But what do they do that outshines the rest?

The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with EY, Endeavor and Purpose, analysed survey data from over 600 entrepreneurs in EY’ Entrepreneur of the Year program with the goal of better understanding how successful entrepreneurial companies accelerate access to new markets and become scalable, high-impact businesses. Our research shows that the founders of these firms marshal their forces along very different paths of growth. The report further highlights the differentiated strategies high-impact entrepreneurs take depending on their life cycle stage and the industry they are in.

Geography: Global

Type of study: International organisation

Relevant for: All

Source: World Economic Forum Report

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