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The Global Competitiveness Report 2014 - 2015

Author: World Economic Forum
Date: September 2014

The Global Competitiveness Report 2014 - 2015 assesses the competitiveness landscape of 144 economies, providing insight into the drivers of their productivity and prosperity. The Report series remains the most comprehensive assessment of national competitiveness worldwide.

It is being launched at a time when the global economy seems to be finally leaving behind the worst and longest-lasting financial and economic crisis of the last 80 years. However, this resurgence is moving at a less decisive pace than it has after previous downturns, and heightened risks looming on the horizon could derail the global recovery. Much of the growth in recent years has taken place because of the extraordinary and bold monetary policies in countries such as the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. As the economy improves in these countries, a normalization of monetary policy with tightening financial conditions could have an impact on both advanced and emerging economies. Moreover, the strained geopolitical scenarios with rising tensions in a number of regions can also have negative consequences for the global economic outlook. Finally, many countries are suffering from accelerating income inequalities; often these inequalities are lasting effects of the crisis that are creating domestic social tensions with potential global consequences.

This year’s Report provides an overview of the competitiveness performance of 144 economies, and thus continues to be the most comprehensive assessment of its kind globally. It contains a detailed profile for each of the economies included in the study, as well as an extensive section of data tables with global rankings covering over 100 indicators. This Report is one of the flagship publications within the Forum’s Global Competitiveness and Benchmarking Network, which produces a number of related research studies aimed at supporting countries in their transformation efforts and raising awareness about the need to adopt holistic and integrated frameworks for understanding complex phenomena such as competitiveness or global risks.

Geography: Global

Type of study: International organisation

Relevant for: LP, GP All, Fund of funds, Associate

Source: World Economic Forum Report

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