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Value creation in buyout deals: European evidence

Author: Aleksander A. Aleszczyk, Emmanuel T. De George, Aytekin Ertan and Florin Vasvari
Date: September 2016

Over the last 25 years, private equity has shown a consistent ability to generate outperformance versus most other traditional asset classes, including public equity.
However, there is little understanding of how private equity managers or GPs (General Partners) create value at the portfolio company level in order to deliver this outperformance.

A research series by the Private Equity Institute at London Business School 1/2016
The latest paper published in the “Adveq Applied Research Series” explores exactly this critical topic by examining key trends affecting the European private equity market.

Geography: Europe

Type of study: Academic working paper, Consulting research

Relevant for: All

Source: ADVEQ Research Series on Private Equity - Private Equity Institute at London Business School


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