About research

Research and data

Invest Europe is recognised as the authoritative data source for European private equity activity by institutions including the European Commission and OECD. Rigorous research has underpinned Invest Europe’s work with policymakers, press, the public and investors since 1984.

Invest Europe members can request complimentary custom data and research advice through our Research Helpdesk. This service is in addition to the annual statistics which is freely accessible via this website.

Activity data

Invest Europe  gathers data on private equity fundraising, investment and divestment from more than 1,800 private equity firms in Europe. This data is published in the Annual Activity Statistics.

All Invest Europe members must respond to a survey performed by PEREP_Analytics, a  non-commercial pan-European private equity database with its own staff and resources.

Performance data

The Pan-European Private Equity Performance Benchmarks Report collected by Invest Europe and Thomson Reuters, covers the annual performance of private equity investment funds in Europe.

Economic impact data

Invest Europe studies and encourages academic research to show private equity’s economic impact at portfolio company level.