About research


PEREP_Analytics is a non-commercial pan-European private equity database with its own staff and resources.

Private Equity Activity Survey

Quarterly and annual activity surveys monitoring fundraising, investment and divestment are compulsory for Invest Europe members. If you manage direct private equity funds in or are earmarked for Europe you should have received an e-mail with a login and password allowing you to access and complete the online survey. If you have not received the e-mail,  please let us know here.

For information about the incentive package to contributors and the independent governing body supervising PEREP_Analytics, please visit the PEREP_Analytics website.

Endorsing Associations

APCRI (Portugal), AVCO (Austria), BVA (Belgium), BVK (Germany), CVCA (Czech Republic), CVCA (Croatia), DVCA (Denmark), EstVCA (Estonia), Invest Europe (Europe), FVCA (Finland), HVCA (Hungary), IVCA (Ireland), LTVCA (Lithuania), NVCA (Norway), NVP (Netherlands), PSIK (Poland), SECA (Switzerland), SEEPEA (South Eastern Europe), SLOVCA (Slovakia) and SVCA (Sweden).