Fundraising data

Detailed analysis

The amount of funds raised by European private equity managers, including breakdowns on stage focus, sources of funds by type of institutional investor and geographic source.

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2015 Key findings

  • In 2015 total fundraising reached €47.6bn, nearly matching the level of 2014. The number of funds raised (274) reduced by 15% compared to 2014, but is still above the level of 2012 and 2013. European private equity and venture capital raised in the past three years (2013-2015) was 70% more than in the years 2010-2012.

  • Pension funds provided nearly a quarter of funds raised from institutional investors. Funds of funds contributed 18%, followed by government agencies (14%), sovereign wealth funds (13%), Family offices and private individuals (12%) and insurance companies (9%). Institutional investors outside Europe contributed 40% to the annual fundraising for Europe, matching 2014.

  • Venture capital reached with €5.3bn its highest level since 2008, following an 8% increase over the previous year. Fundraising for early-stage focused funds increased by 13% to €2.7bn, while later stage fundraising nearly tripled to €870m. Government agencies contributed 31% of the funds raised, below the levels of 2010 to 2012, in which regularly more than one third was attributed to this source. Other major sources were fund of funds (23%), corporate investors (14%) and family offices and private individuals (12%). North American institutional investors contributed 11%.

  • Buyout fundraising decreased by 7% to €33.6bn representing more than 70% of all fundraising. Pension funds remained the largest institutional investor (25%) in European buyout funds, followed by funds of funds & other asset managers (18%) and sovereign wealth funds (15%). North American institutional investors contributed more than a quarter. While the amount raised by funds above €1bn increased by 13%, the total amount raised by funds between €500m to €1bn reduced by 44%.

  • Growth funds with €2.9bn raised exceeded the 2014 level, which was previously the highest reported since 2011. The 38 growth funds raised capital mostly from government agencies and family offices & private individuals.