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Investment in businesses

Reports on levels of private equity investment into European companies including splits by stage focus, syndication and sectors. Investments are shown by the location of the investment firm (Industry Statistics) and the location of the portfolio company (Market Statistics).

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2015 Key findings

  • The total amount of equity investments in European companies increased by 14% to €47.4bn. The related number of companies reduced by 11% to almost 5,000. 86% of them are SMEs.

  • Over a third of the total amount invested in European companies was attributed to cross-border investments. This was the case for all private equity as well as venture capital investments.

  • Venture capital investments increased by 5% to €3.8bn. The amount invested increased across all stages led by seed investments with an increase of 18%. Later-stage venture increased by 5% and start-up investments by 4%. The reduction in number of companies by 12% to 2,836 indicates a trend towards larger financing rounds across all stages. Most capital was concentrated in life sciences (34%), computer & consumer electronics (20%) and communications (19%) sectors.

  • Buyout investments increased by 16% to €36.3bn into a stable number of companies at 944. In terms of amount, large and mega buyouts increased, while mid-market investments remained stable. More than 60% of buyout investments concentrated in companies active in business & industrial products (18%), consumer goods & retail (15%), financial services (12%) and life sciences (11%).

  • Growth investments increased 11% to €6.5bn, reaching  their highest level since 2008. The number of companies receiving growth investments reduced by 13% to 1,108. Investments concentrated in the sectors of communication(17%), energy & environment (14%), consumer goods & retail (13%) and computer & consumer electronics (12%).