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Response to EC Stakeholder's survey on Europe's innovation ecosystem Image

Response to EC Stakeholder's survey on Europe's innovation ecosystem

02 Sep 2021
Invest Europe

In our response to the survey we identify the current challenges and possible solutions to foster innovation. These solutions, which cover 4 different areas, include the identification and removal of regulatory burdens, the creation of a critical mass for VC in Europe through public support and the creation of the right conditions to strengthen patient capital in Europe, amongst others. We believe the implementation of these actions at pan-European level would contribute to strengthen the European innovation ecosystem for the ultimate benefit of European citizens and economy.

Download PDF 69.15 KB
Response to European Commission Consultation on Fighting the use of shell entities and arrangements for tax purposes Image

Response to European Commission Consultation on Fighting the use of shell entities and arrangements for tax purposes

27 Aug 2021
Invest Europe-PAE

In this response, we explain a typical PE structure and the commercial purpose of each of the entities, and why these entities should not fall under the definition of shell entities. We believe that the commercial purpose of an entity is a good indicator for determining whether it is a shell entity or not, and must thus be taken into account in the definition.

Download PDF 321.17 KB
Download PDF 283.95 KB
Position Paper - Private equity and retail investors Image

Open to All - Position Paper on private equity and retail investors

06 Aug 2021
Invest Europe

This position paper describes the relationship between private equity and retail clients - suggesting key policy changes that could be introduced to make sure large sophisticated investors and small private ones are able to access the asset class directly or indirectly depending on their risk characteristics.

Download PDF 264.14 KB
Response to EC Consultation on EU Retail Strategy Image

Response to EC Consultation on EU Retail Strategy

03 Aug 2021
Invest Europe-PAE

In this response we argue that changes should be made to the definition of a "professional investor upon request" to better acknowledge the features of long-term & sophisticated investors in asset classes such as private equity. We also describe to the European Commission our concerns with the current retail disclosure documents, which are too standardised to give investors an appropriate idea of the real risk and benefits of long-term investments.

Download PDF 569.17 KB
SFDR_European Commission Responses to ESAs Image

European Commission Guidance on SFDR Known-Unknowns

29 Jul 2021
European Commission

This long awaited official Guidance from the European Commission clarifies the application of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). From our industry’s perspective, the letter clarifies that SFDR does apply to all AIFMs carrying out activities in the EU (including those gaining access through NPPRs), and clarifies the definitions of Article 8 and 9 products.

Download PDF 601.99 KB
Response to EC Consultation on Risk Finance Guidelines (1) Image

Response to EC Consultation on Risk Finance Guidelines

15 Jul 2021
Invest Europe-PAE

In this response, we comment on changes that have been introduced by the European Commission as well as present our own suggestions for Guidelines to fully play their role in allowing Member States to deliver aid to innovative and growing companies by providing targeted support to the private venture and growth funds that invest in them.

Download PDF 386.4 KB
Joint letter to the European Commission on AIFMD delegation Image

Joint letter to the European Commission on AIFMD delegation

15 Jul 2021
Invest Europe

Ahead of the forthcoming AIFMD review, Invest Europe joined forces with other trade associations, such as AIMA, ACC and Inrev, to express our concerns to the European Commission on any changes policymakers are considering making to the AIFMD delegation regime. The letter explains, among others, how the EU benefits from the global nature of the fund management industry and that the EU fund management regulatory framework is robust and fit for purpose.

Download PDF 186.37 KB
Feedback to the European Commission on CSRD proposal Image

Feedback to European Commission on the Proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

14 Jul 2021
Invest Europe-PAE

In our response, we welcome the Commission’s proposal for a CSRD and support the view that in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth it is key to have relevant, comparable and reliable sustainability information. That said, we ask the Commission to pay particular attention to certain aspects of the CSRD of key importance to the industry, such as the need for alignment, coherence and consistency on content and timeline with other pieces of legislation, such as the SFDR and the Taxonomy, and the importance of applying the materiality and proportionality principles when considering the extension of the scope to SMEs.

Download PDF 274.38 KB
Feedback to EC Roadmap on DEBRA Image

Feedback to EC Roadmap on DEBRA

12 Jul 2021
Invest Europe-PAE

In this response, we shared our views on the European Commission’s initiative to mitigate a potential debt-equity bias induced by taxation. We notably stressed that the differences between the tax deductions of costs related to debt vs. equity should be dealt with in a way that allows for more deductions – not fewer. Thus, we are happy to support the idea of introducing an equity allowance.

Download PDF 484.07 KB
Q&A to EBA on the treatment of banks' exposures to closed-ended funds Image Members Icon

Q&A to EBA on the treatment of banks' exposures to closed-ended funds

28 Jun 2021
Invest Europe

This Q&A addresses the treatment of an institution’s investments into EU AIF managed by a non-EU AIFM and into closed-ended CIUs, flagging that clarification should be brought to such treatment to ensure that exposures to closed-ended funds are not given a risk weight that is not appropriate to the risk it poses.

Download (Member only) PDF 153.25 KB (Member only)
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